Google must remove list of websites around the world, Canadian court rules



Where does this stop?

Courts in Europe have been forcing Google(s goog) to scrub embarrassing search results, and now one in Canada has made an even broader ruling: it ordered the search engine to delete websites not only from the Canadian version of Google, but across the world as well. The decision is part of an alarming trend of disappearing online information.

The Canadian decision, in case you missed it, is about a company that is trying to stop a rival from selling network devices that it claims are the fruit of its stolen trade secrets. As part of its lawsuit, the company wants Google to remove all search results that link to the rival’s more than 300 websites.

In response, the Supreme Court of British Columbia issued a sweeping temporary injunction last week. The injunction matters because it will have a global effect; in less than 14 days, people in Canada will be no longer be able to find the websites in Google…

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